Antimicrobial Resistance Summit 2020 – March 19th, London: The Economist


In 2019, The Economist held its inaugural Antimicrobial Resistance Summit in London and Singapore. Bringing together policymakers, pharmaceutical companies, academic researchers and NGOs, the event made a compelling case for increasing both financial investment and policy attention to antimicrobial resistance (AMR), to avoid a future public health crisis.

The event presented a balance of optimism and concern; both events were forward-looking and looked at positive success stories and innovations, including public education campaigns, improvements in diagnostic technologies, data collaboration, and academic partnerships to combat AMR.

Speakers praised concrete action plans, while also noting a large number of countries without an AMR strategy. The contribution of the private sector also attracted both praise and scrutiny. Excessive marketing practices have encouraged irrational antibiotic usage, too many large pharmaceutical companies lack an AMR position, and the food and environment industries need to be more engaged given the interlinkages of AMR. At the same time, the private sector is a source of ideas and investment, from developing the rapid diagnostic technologies needed to reduce unnecessary antibiotic use, to developing new paradigms such as inhibiting bacterial functions, rather than focus only on elimination. Pharmaceutical companies, for their part, also called for greater support in cracking down on substandard counterfeit medicines, and for ‘push’ and ‘pull’ policy stimulus measures given the challenging economics of antibiotic research.

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