UK One Health Report: antibiotic use and antibiotic resistance in animals and humans

Click on Link: One Health Report

The second UK One-Health Report is a cross-government initiative that brings together UK data (2013-2017), on antibiotic resistance in key bacteria that are common to animals and humans, and isolated in meat at retail.

The report also includes details on amount of antibiotics sold for use in animals and antibiotics prescribed to humans.

The report aims to:
•support joint working between the animal, human, environment and food sectors
•assess the occurrence of resistance along the food chain
•add context to the surveillance data by providing information on control measures in place to reduce the risk of bacterial transmission and on policy decisions taken to tackle antibiotic resistance
•identify the current antibiotic resistance levels in four key bacteria in animals, in humans and in retail meat
•present available data from humans, animals and retail meat side by side
•provide progress updates on the ten recommendations made in the previous One Health Report

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